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Yeti 3K Salts

Yeti 3K Salts

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Yeti 3K Salt 10ml

Yeti 3K Bar Salt 10ml has arrived, a highly regarded brand that puts quality in the forefront for their vape juices. These nic salts are designed to be used with pod kits and starter kits.

This brand new double strength flavours are currently available in 10mg and 20mg within a 10ml bottle. A range of 10 absolute flavour bangers for you to get your teeth stuck into or shall we say tongues. Be prepared for the ultimate Yeti experience known to man!

Yeti 3K Bar Salt 10ml is here to stay and we have a sneaky feeling there will be more flavours to come.

Yeti 3K Bar Salt 10ml Flavours

Apple Avalanche

Yeti 3K Apple Avalanche brings an energising fusion of juicy crisp green and red apples, completed with an avalanche of their signature cooling sensation.

Cotton Candy Chill

Yeti 3K Cotton Candy Chill is a sweet-toothed, satisfyingly pink-clouded fluffy sugar-coated delight, with a trademark Yeti icy edge.

Crisp Red Grape

Enjoy the experience of 3k bursts of refreshing coolness with every drag. Yeti offers the taste of perfectly ripe and crisp red grapes in each puff, providing a juicy and satisfying sensation.

Frosty Pink Lemonade

Transport yourself to a sunny day, sipping on homemade lemonade infused with tangy grapefruit and a hint of sweetness, served with ice cubes. Experience the same refreshing chill with every puff of Yeti 3k.

Frozen Watermelon

Savour the refreshing coolness of freshly crushed watermelons in every drag, encapsulating the juicy essence of summertime in every 3000 draws from your Yeti 3K bottle.

Icy Cherry Cola

Yeti 3K Icy Cherry Cola is the ultimate classic cola beverage combined with tarty cherries and bracing icy icicles. No review needed for this one just pure cherry bliss.

Piercing Peach

Indulge in the delicious taste of freshly squeezed peaches with each puff. With a juicy and delectable flavour in every inhalation and exhalation, you can be sure that Yeti’s 3k puffs will leave you completely satisfied.

Pineapple Peach Mango

Yeti 3K Pineapple Peach Mango is a fruity, sweet and juicy fusion of ripe pineapples, fleshy peaches and succulent mangoes, on ice.

Sour Blue Razz

Yeti 3K Sour Blue Razz Bar Salt is a stunning combination of tarty, sweet and sour blueberries with a fusion of fizzy cool berry flavours.

Strawberry Banana Freeze

Experience the flavour of a freshly blended smoothie with Yeti’s ripe berry blend, combined with banana and ice for a creamy and satisfying vaping experience that produces 3000 thick clouds.

Yeti 3K Bar Salt 10ml Features

10ml bottle size
10mg | 20mg Nicotine salt base
UK Made
TPD Compliant

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