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Vampire Vape Koncept 100ML

Vampire Vape Koncept 100ML

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Vampire Vape 

Any vaper you ask is more than likely to not only have heard of Vampire Vape e-liquid, but also to hold these e-juices in extremely high regard. Widely considered to be one of the best e-liquid brands in the UK, Vampire Vape have expanded their original selection of 12 flavours when they first launched in 2012, to over 60 in 2021.

Arctic Fruit

Arctic Fruit by Vampire Vape is where all of your favourite tropical fruits infuse with delicious, subtly spicy aniseed. This combination of zesty flavours leaves a delightful taste in your mouth, which is accompanied by a sharp sensation of fresh mint on exhale.

Blood Sukka

Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape is a sweet berry blend of lush red fruits, summer berries and juicy cherry. A trace of eucalyptus and a dash of menthol add to the burst of flavour, making the entire taste full-bodied and refreshing. When combined with the ice-cold breeze, Blood Sukka also contains a delicious touch of aniseed which provides a solid throat hit.


Vampire Vape’s Dawn, a lovely dark fruit blend with a cold, chilly blast, will arouse your senses. If you like the Heisenberg flavour, you’ll love this one as well!

Bat Juice

Vampire Vape have well and truly smashed it out of the park with Bat Juice, a flavoursome e-liquid with a beautifully balanced sweet, fruit mix with a subtle aniseed twist.

Strawberry Kiwi

This Strawberry Kiwi Vampire Vape e-liquid is the perfect combination of delicious fruit flavours. This classic pairing combines delectable tastes to create a gratifyingly smooth experience.

Berry Menthol

Vampire Vape’s Berry Menthol is ice-cold berry flavours aplenty! A revolutionary flavour that is both fruity and minty, the intense tastes of berries and the sensation of ice give a refreshing and tantalising vape.


Dubbed the “Daddy of All-Day Vapes”, the award-winning Heisenberg e-liquid flavour by Vampire Vape offers a fruity taste of muddled red berries and is capped off with a pleasant menthol blast. As the strong flavours of luscious fruits break through, feel the chilly kick. This e-liquid’s fruit to menthol ratio is on point, making it ideal for all-day enjoyment.

Ice Menthol

The original cool flavour, Ice Menthol is exactly what you want from an e-liquid of this type – something minty, cold, and refreshing! If you are looking for something that is going to give you a kick, this is exactly it. It will energise and rejuvenate your taste buds for sure – a truly wonderful flavour indeed!

Tropical Tsunami

Vampire Vape’s Tropical Tsunami is an exotic blend of fresh pineapple and mango flavours that harmonise perfectly. When combined with the refreshing menthol hit, your vape juice is not only delicious, but refreshing, too.


Pinkman e-liquid is one of Vampire Vape’s bestselling liquids that many fans of the e-juice brand return to time and time again – it really has garnered a loyal following! As flavoursome as it is refreshing, it has become the go-to juice for vapers hitting their devices in the morning.

Pear Drops

Indulge in Vampire Vape’s most retro flavour, Pear Drops, which encapsulates the luscious tastes of the classic pink and yellow boiled sweets. It’s a solid flavour that gives great credit to the classic pear and banana blend. This one is certainly a delicious vape with a beautiful aroma!

Black Jack

Black Jack is a Vampire Vape e-liquid that very closely emulates those tuck-shop treats of yesteryear. The sweet yet smooth flavour will have you reminiscing about your childhood days with every vape. The strong tastes of aniseed will awaken your senses and give you the vaping hit you didn’t know you were missing out on.

Vamp Toes

Vamp Toes is an ode to the beloved cordial juice. The flavours of berries and blackcurrant are robust, giving you a stinging impact that tingles your sense of taste. The right balance of berries and blackcurrants, it has the added benefit of a pleasant aroma and flavour after each inhalation. Have no doubt, it’s an extremely moreish juice, so stock up!

Black Ice

To create Vampire Vape’s Black Ice, the famous Black Jack blend has been reimagined; this time, incorporating a freezing menthol blast.  This powerful flavour bursts with richness, providing a pleasant vape that is both delectable and refreshing. The aniseed and menthol combination provides a clean and sharp throat hit that reaches the sweet spot that every vaper seeks.


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