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Unreal Raspberry Salts 10ML

Unreal Raspberry Salts 10ML

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Unreal Raspberry Nic Salts

If you’re a lover of raspberry flavoured e-liquids, you’re not going to want to miss out on these delicious new nic salts from Unreal. The Unreal Raspberry Nic Salts range are a sweet concoction of raspberries with a unique fruity twist to create a lip-smacking, mouth-watering vape making each e-liquid as unique as the next. Featuring flavours such a cherry, blackcurrants, blueberries and more there is a wide array of choice no matter your preference. Dive into a world of nic salts to take your vaping to the next level with amazing fruity flavours and great nicotine hits. Don’t miss out on these Unreal Raspberry E-liquids!

Unreal Raspberry Nic Salt Flavours:


The Red nic salt e-liquid is a delectable blend of sweet cherries with blue raspberry flavour for a tangy twist. There is a sour note that sneaks up on you as you exhale, leaving your tastebuds wanting more every time.


The Blue nic salt e-liquid blends up giant, juicy blueberries with the mouth-watering flavour of blue raspberry. Pick this e-juice to enjoy a deep blueberry flavour with a tangy blue raspberry melody.


Unreal Raspberry’s Black nic salt e-liquid is a combination of plump blackcurrants and blue raspberries. Transport yourself to summertime with this e-liquid, as it sends you dreaming about freshly-picked blackcurrants as you exhale.


This nic salt e-liquid is a combination of crisp grapes and tangy blue raspberries. Let the sweetness of purple grapes excite your tastebuds, followed by a rush of tart flavours from delicious blue raspberries as you exhale.


Say ‘Yellow’ to one of the most flavourful e-liquids on the market. Let the Yellow Unreal Raspberry e-liquid flood your mouth with waves of tropical flavours as enjoy the taste of sweet pineapple and squashed blue raspberries. On the inhale, you’ll detect sweet pineapple, followed by sour notes of raspberry on the exhale.


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