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Unreal Raspberry 100ML

Unreal Raspberry 100ML

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Unreal Raspberry E-liquid 100ml

Unreal Raspberry E-liquid 100ml has entered the premises! Having been asked by many to taste this e-liquid we couldn’t say no! A range that has the base flavour of the awesome fruit raspberry with some twists and turns.

Costing a little more than others we decided to get it in to give you the chance to try some quality fruity based e-liquid. What has been done here is special and something that any raspberry flavour fan will love and enjoy.

Unreal Raspberry E-liquid 100ml Shortfill Promo

These beauties are manufactured in the UK with quality concentrates and not the usual rubbish that is cheap and chemically. In a blend of 70% VG and 30% PG what is there not to love. Give them a go today! Compared to others e-liquids on the market we think this one is special.

Unreal Raspberry Flavour


A truly balanced vape with luscious raspberries and juicy blackcurrants. Overall a fantastic start to this range.


A pure blue raspberry smack in the mouth from the first puff to the last. Enjoy this one as you will be back for more!

Pink (NEW)

Pink is the latest addition to the Unreal line up and they have gone all out on this one. Sweet bubble gum and pink raspberries swirled together to make some magic.


Executed to perfection, we have two massively popular fruits. Juicy purple, sweet grapes with the famous blue raspberry base. A difficult flavour to get right but one that has been done well.


A layered vape for a vaper looking for something special! Tarty blue raspberries and been mixed in perfectly with sweet cherries. Yes, that’s right sweet cherries!


The crazy blue raspberry is bouncing with fresh, ripe pineapples. A succulent vape to say the least! Certainly a popular flavour from the range.

Dark Grape & Bubblegum

A bold blend of sweet grapes and chewy bubble-gum. You’ll get juicy sweet flavours throughout the inhale and the exhale.

Lemon & Raspberry

A bit of tang and a bit of a woo. This juice really focusses on the sour notes of the lemon and the touch of sweetness from the raspberries just as if the LOV team had picked them themselves! A really moreish flavour to say the least.

Passionfruit & Grapefruit

A citrus tang of grapefruit is the real highlight in this e-liquid complimented perfectly with the sweetness of the passionfruit’s. Compared to others on the market this one really stands out.

Pineapple & Passionfruit

A mouth-watering blend of juicy pineapples just ripe with some tarty passionfruit’s. The tropical waves from this juice coupled with the tang will have you vaping for days.

Strawberry & Peach

A classic taste of summer with the perfect strawberry vape infused with sweet peaches. Moreover this one will be the hit of the range for sure.

Propical Raspberry & Tangerine

A fusion of sweet raspberry notes and the distinct taste of sweet, citrusy tangerines in every puff.

Propical Grape & Pineapple

Combines the taste of crisp grapes with notes of juicy pineapples, to create a summery all day vape flavour.

Propical Mango & Passionfruit

A classic medley of sweet mango notes that has been layered with the tangy flavour of passion fruit.

Propical Blue Hawaiian

A unique combination of tangy blue raspberries that has been fused with the tropical and creamy taste of coconuts.

Propical Pineapple Lemon & Lime

Creating a tropical vape with a zesty twist. The taste of pineapples has been mixed with sharp notes of lemon and lime.

Blackcurrant & Strawberry

This flavour is a berry blend of tart blackcurrants and succulent strawberries. Rich, juicy blackcurrant fuses with the taste of ripe strawberry throughout each puff.

Blueberry & Lemon

This flavour consists of sweet blueberries balanced by the tangy taste of citrussy lemon. A balanced berry and citrus blend, the sweet blueberry complements zingy lemon for a light, fruity taste.

Cranberry & Raspberry

This flavour consists of juicy raspberries, balanced with tart cranberries.

Grape & Lime

This flavour consists of sweet rich grape and light, citrussy lime. This e-liquid takes the flavour of rich dark grape and adds zingy lime for a balanced fruity blend.

Rhubarb & Raspberries

This flavour is a balanced mix of tart, fresh rhubarb and sweet raspberry. The taste of sharp rhubarb complements notes of sweet, juicy raspberry in every puff.

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