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Twelve Monkeys Shortfill 100ML

Twelve Monkeys Shortfill 100ML

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Twelve Monkeys E-liquid 100ml Shortfill

Twelve Monkeys E-liquid 100ml Shortfill has just got bigger and better! With the massive hit of their 50ml range it was only a matter of time before vapers demanded more value for money which has resulted in the production of a 100ml vape juice bottle. Available in their original nine awesome flavours in a 120ml shortfill bottle. Leaving you enough room to add two nicotine shots which we provide for free unless you upgrade to nicotine salts.

All of their flavoursome liquids are made in Canada, and all boast a minimum of 70% VG. One of the things that makes them unique is that every e-liquid is pre-steeped for two weeks before bottling, generating more consistent flavours. It’s no monkey business, but rather a “quality over quantity” creed that reflects in their exceptional vape juice line.

Twelve Monkeys E-liquid 100ml will be taking over for sure!

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Twelve Monkeys E-liquid 100ml Shortfill Flavours


A perfectly balanced, luscious melody of multiple berries rounded off with a creamy and tart yoghurt. Certainly a breakfast treat, in fact vape it all day!


A strawberry and creamy custard mix that incorporates two delicious and distinctly different vanilla blends, along with the succulent flavour of freshly picked strawberries.


Fuji and Granny Smith apples work in perfect harmony to create this refreshingly balanced blend, with a light cranberry finish. This is a deliciously fruity vape you’ll love all day long!


Harambae features a tangy citrus unison of grapefruit highlights fused with lemon, lime, blood orange and refreshing guava undertones.


Featuring a delicious concoction of juicy watermelons and strawberries. Kanzi is delicately finished with a hint of kiwi that rounds the flavours off superbly.


Macaraz unites these two with a delicious intricate confection of French macaron with nutty almonds and raspberry filling. This is a limited edition release of one of Twelve Monkeys’ legacy products, so get it while you can!


A delightful blend of guava, pineapple, and tasty mango, accented by a myriad of Caribbean tropical fruits. This vape juice delivers a fresh summery vape.


Big, bold grape on the inhale, followed by a smooth, ripe apple exhale.


Primarily a tropical fruit mix, the fun comes from trying to figure out what fruit flavours they have deliciously blended together in this vaping concoction.

Twelve Monkeys E-liquid 100ml Shortfill Features

100ml of E-liquid in a 120ml Shortfill Bottle
Space for two 10ml Nic Shot
Designed for Sub Ohm Vaping
Mixed and Bottled in an ISO 7 Cleanroom
Made in Canada

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