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Tongue Puncher Sour 100ML

Tongue Puncher Sour 100ML

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Joe’s Juice Tongue Puncher 100ml Shortfill

Buy your ticket to the fight of the century with Joe’s Juice Tongue Puncher Shortfill. Enjoy the swirl of sour flavours as the e-liquid heavy weights face-off against one another. Tongue puncher brings vapers a range of deliciously fruity e-juices with a mouth-watering, tongue punching sour kick. Each of these delicious juices are available in a 100ml shortfill, and have a high VG content making them perfect for the cloud chasers out there who also want great flavour. If you’re after that hit of nicotine as well as a tongue puncher, then these 100ml bottles leave enough room for them to be mixed and combined with an 18mg nicotine shot.

Ding ding ding! The bell’s rung and the fights began. Strap in and brace yourself for some of the most flavourful e-juices on the market. Check out the card below to see what tongue puncher you’re siding with.

Joe’s Juice Tongue Puncher Flavours:

Strawberry and Apple Sour

Ready yourself because this is tipped to be the flavour fight of the century. This juice is bursting with the flavour of ruby red, ripe strawberries that immediately transport you to the sunshine, combined with the classic flavour of sour apple.

Kiwi and Strawberry Sour

Call a medic because this is going to be the flavour battle of the century. Pick your side carefully, and enjoy the sweet flavours of kiwi and ruby red strawberries.

Cherry and Watermelon Sour

Don’t be fooled by Cherry Drop’s alluring looks, she’s here to take home the win! Facing off against the experienced Mel Cena, this one’s sure to be a side splitter! Enjoy the sweet flavour of juicy cherries with sour watermelon for an e-juice that’ll knock your socks off.

Blueberry Lemon Sour

Get front row seats for Lemo vs Big Blue. This delicious juice of blueberry and lip-smacking lemon will leave you feeling like you’ve gone twelve rounds with Lemo themselves.

Apple and Grape Sour

This combination of apple and sour grape is a winner for sure. This juice combines the flavour of freshly picked apples with giant, juicy grapes that are sour and tart.

Blood Orange and Raspberry Sour

Big Oh is out for blood in this fight, but The Razz isn’t going to take it lying down! This is one of the most highly-anticipated flavour fights of the night, with a vibrant mix of tangy blood orange and ripe raspberries for a fruity explosion.

Watermelon and Lime

Juicy watermelons fight it out with bitter limes to say the least. Who shall win this battle…?

Cranberry and Rhubarb Sour

Damn, the race is on for who can be the most sour. Packed full of tangy cranberries with a crazy left hook of rhubarb!


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