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Strapped Sodas Salt 10ML

Strapped Sodas Salt 10ML

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Strapped Sodas Nic Salts NEW RANGE

STRAPPED SODAS NIC SALTS are the newest addition to the strapped family.

These delicious 10ml range is based on a variety of fruity blends and soda drinks to create a refreshing line of vape liquids. These are truly fruit flavoured with a touch of soda fizz. Get them in your vape pods and vape away!

Strapped Grape Soda Storm

Features a delicious black grape flavoured soda, full of sparkling bubbles that bite your tongue… this tantalizing vape juice is a must-try!

Strapped Mango Guava Palava

Features a super delicious combo of mango and creamy guava fruit infused into a tasty tropical soda drink flavoured vape.

Strapped Mezz Mania

Features a twisted orange flavour, surrounded by sparkling fizzy coke.

Strapped Professor Pep

Features a replica in the taste of the famous cherry cola drink. This delicious blend is a must-try!

Strapped Proper Punchy

Features a super punch of zesty orange, sweet peach, crisp apple and a dash of passion fruit creating a delicious flavour for a fizzy and fruity vape.

Strapped Totally Tropical

Features a delicious tropical blend of juicy pineapples fused with grapefruit giving a special twist to this tropical soda flavoured vape juice.


10mg or 20mg


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