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Strapped Sodas 100ML

Strapped Sodas 100ML

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Strapped Sodas E-Liquid 100mls UK

Strapped Sodas e-Liquid needs no intro we all know what their liquids are about! Now in another 7 amazing flavours for us vapers to ENJOY! This delicious range is based on a variety of fruity blends and soda drinks to create a refreshing line of vape liquids for your vape tanks. With flavours like Grape Soda Storm, Proper Punchy and Totally Tropical is easy to find your absolute favourite to quench your all day vape addiction not forgetting our favourite Professor Pep!!! Overall a fantastic addition to any vaping connoisseurs collection.

Strapped Sodas Proper Punchy

A proper punchy blend of fizzy fruit soda, Strapped have put together together juicy orange, soothing peach, apple and a splash of passionfruit into one hell of a vape juice!

Strapped Sodas Totally Tropical

A flavour explosion of totally tropical soda, Strapped have balanced sweet pineapple and rich grapefruit in a vape juice that will put your tongue in a twist!

Strapped Sodas Mango Guava Palava

A sweet blend of tropical fruit soda that’s anything but trouble, Mango Guava Palava will take your taste buds on a trip you won’t want to come back from!

Strapped Sodas Grape Soda Storm

Will have you strapped in for a wild ride of fizzy grape soda, this tongue tingly e-liquid is a sure hit with any fruity juice lover! Certainly a winner in the collection.

Strapped Sodas Professor Pep

Has to be tried to be believed, paying homage two well known cola flavours, this fizzy e-liquid by Strapped has the perfect amount fruitiness and just a touch of spice, because who doesn’t like a little pepper?!

Strapped Sodas Mezz Mania

Presenting this unique flavour of refreshing cola with a zingy twist of fresh orange. This fabulous flavour pairing provides a tongue-tantalising e-liquid combining two deliciously refreshing flavours, that work together in perfect harmony.

Strapped Sodas Vanilla Cola Chaos

Sparkling bubbles of Cola Soda flavour with an indulgent vanilla kick from the 100ml short-fill vape juice range by Strapped Sodas. This rich and indulgent vape juice combines refreshing cola and a twist of natural vanilla.



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