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Seriously Soda 100ML

Seriously Soda 100ML

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Seriously Soda E-liquid Flavours

Blue Razz Lemonade

Their famous Blue Razz Berry is now available with a lemonade base. The sweet blue raspberries now have a squeeze of lemon to be proud of! Overall this makes it extra special we say.

True Mix

The old school taste of the orange coloured fizzy drink that we used to run for just after school! We all love this beauty make no mistakes! Now get ready to taste the Tru likeness to say the least.

Guava Passion

A mesmerising fruity flavour of sweet guavas combined with tangy little passionfruit’s. This flavour is based on an old drink that we cannot mention.

Red Wing

The favourite energy drink is back with a bang but this time in a short-fill as opposed to a disposable! The fruity spectrum flavour will give hours of pleasure most certainly. Don’t just take our word for it pop it in your basket and checkout! Please note that due to some naughtiness this has now been named Blue Wing!

Tropical Twist

Do you remember the famous Caribbean Twist drinks? We can feel your head nodding up and down! Well here it is in an e-liquid from we must warn you not to drink! Although it is that good you will want to. Chunky, sweet pineapples are thrown into grapefruit juice with a little splash of pomelo. Pomelo is a fruit from the grapefruit family in case you are wondering.

Fruity Fusion

A juicy medley of mandarins and passionfruit with a subtle hint of lychee and apple. Yep- you have guessed it- just as if though you were drinking that popular red fruit twist beverage. Seriously Soda E-liquid has created something special here for all vapers to get involved in!




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