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IVG Salt Bar 10ML

IVG Salt Bar 10ML

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IVG Bar Favourites Nic Salt 10ml

IVG Bar Favourites Nic Salt 10ml have now landed at OTV. Being bombarded with several requests we just couldn’t say no! A fine selection of 21 flavours with most replicating the disposable world flavours. The IVG giants have now produced something special to pop into your pod kits and enjoy. The selection is big and the flavour is bigger.

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IVG Bar Favourites Nic Salt 10ml Flavours

Blackcurrant Mango

A sweet blend of rich blackcurrants and tropical mango finished off with a touch of menthol. Moreish blackcurrants and floral mango notes rounded off with a fresh breeze.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

Bursting with juicy berry flavour. A blissful medley of plump blueberries, rich cherries and tart cranberries rounded off with a smooth icy exhale.

Blue Razz Lemonade

A sweet mixture of candied blue raspberries and fresh lemonade poured over ice. Notes of sweet and sour blue raspberries lifted with a fizzy zing and a cool icy exhale.

Blue Slush

Captures the classic mouth-puckering slushy flavour of candied blueberries swirling with crushed ice. Refreshing sweetness with an icy finish.

Blueberry Pomegranate

The perfect blend of sweet and sharp. Ripe and moreish blueberries on the inhale closely followed by the tang of juicy pomegranate and finished off with ice.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

A sweet and sour treat for candy lovers. Moreish blueberries and sour-coated tangy raspberries deliver a sweet and tongue-tingling zing with a cool finish.

Fizzy Cherry

Serves up rich dark cherries dusted with tingling sour fizz and ice on the exhale for a moreish & refreshing all-day treat. IVG Bar Favourites Nic Salt 10ml served up the way it should be!

Fresh Mint

A punchy double blast of refreshing mint on the inhale and exhale – one to liven up the tastebuds.

Lemon Peach Passionfruit

A medley of sharp citrus balanced with fragrant & juicy peaches and mouthwatering passionfruit. Sweet and tangy notes are wrapped in subtle cooling notes of ice.

Mixed Berries

A simple medley of fresh forest berries frosted with a hint of ice. Deliciously sweet and moreish with a slightly cool finish.

Pink Fizz

Blends sweet and zesty pink citrus fruits with fizzy lemonade all poured over ice. A refreshing take on a classic favourite.

Red Apple Ice

Takes delightfully crisp and juicy red apples and blends them with ice for a simple, sweet and fresh all-day vape. IVG Bar Favourites Nic Salt 10ml have produced something special here.

Red Rush Ice

Delivers an invigorating burst of your favourite energy drink flavour with fresh fruity notes followed by a dash of menthol and a tantalising fizzy finish.

Sour Raspberry Pomegranate

A moreish medley of the sweetest raspberries and tart & super juicy pomegranate with a dusting of sour sugar. A delightfully fruity and tangy confection wrapped up in ice.

Strawberry Raspberry

A fresh fusion of floral strawberries and juicy raspberries over ice that delivers the sweet flavours of summer and is a moreish all-day delight for your tastebuds.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

A nostalgic delight featuring swirls of candied strawberries and juicy watermelon that then are layered with old-school bubblegum and rounded off with a subtle hint of ice.

Tropical Island

Boasts a ripe & exotic blend of freshly cut pineapple, juicy watermelon and sweet and tangy kiwi, a luscious tropical treat all rounded off with a dash of ice.


Captures the enticing taste of freshly cut crisp watermelon for a juicy vape that is dripping with mouthwatering goodness & is made even more refreshing with a gentle breeze of cool ice.

Watermelon Cherry

A delectable blend of crisp & juicy watermelons and rich dark cherries with a cooling icy edge. Sweet watermelon and tart cherry finished off with a refreshing exhale.

Watermelon Cotton Candy

A delightful candy concoction featuring fairground swathes of sticky cotton candy and swirls of mouthwatering candied watermelon dipped in ice.

White Peach Raspberry

A heady medley of floral peaches balanced beautifully with the juiciest sweet raspberries & blended with ice – fragrant, fruity & refreshing.

IVG Bar Favourites Nic Salt 10ml Features

Perfect in Starter Kits and Pod Kits
Served in 10ml childproof bottles
10mg | 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid
50 | 50 VG/PG ratio
Made in the UK
TPD Compliant

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