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Irresistible Cherry 100ml

Irresistible Cherry 100ml

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A brilliant blend of juicy black cherries and candied cherries for a perfect smooth cherry vape!

Cherry & Blue Razz

A splendid blend of two of the most popular flavours in the vaping industry – juicy cherry and tangy blue raspberry.

Cherry & Grape

A juicy medley, to say the least, of authentic grape and sweet smooth cherry.

Cherry & Lemon

Blends together sweet and sour fruity notes. The rich, juicy taste of cherries is layered with a zingy lemon flavour.

Cherry & Mixed Berries

A complex blend of mixed berries creating a sweet almost candy-like flavour with a pronounced cherry layer in this fruity liquid.

Cherry & Pineapple

A tangy blend of juicy candied cherries and sweet pineapple. A perfect blend of tasty fruits.


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