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Hex 100ml

Hex 100ml

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Hex Bad BeliefsThe dark side has many elements which create their own light. Grape and Apple come together in this creative fusion and are sure to evoke eternal darkness.

Forbidden Future - Stop living in the past and accepting mediocracy. This citrus potion created with Lemon and Orange will leave futures unknown and pasts a mystery.

ICE Cold Strike - Blue Raspberries frozen in time only a selected few possess the true ability to defrost this masterpiece.

Passions Plunder - Prepare for the most passionate pear love affair. Sadly once words spoken this curse is impossible to escape.

The Reckoning - It came down to this final spell. One spell to finish all others. Raspberries and dark Cherries block all paths of escape as this final flavour locks down all exits. You are now in taste infinity.

Unholy Lust - Cast a spell of lust over your mind and mouth with this powerful Pineapple and Peach partnership.

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