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Geek Vape M Series Coils 5 Pack 0.15 OHM

Geek Vape M Series Coils 5 Pack 0.15 OHM

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GeekVape M Series Coil for Z Max Tank

GeekVape M Series Coil is specially designed for GeekVape Z Max Tank. And the GeekVape M Series Coil come in a range of ohms with M 0.14ohm, M 0.3ohm, M 0.2ohm and M 0.15ohm resistance for your selection. Whack one of these M Series Coil in your Z Max Tank and enjoy the purest flavour and rich clouds.

GeekVape M Series Coil Parameters

Quantity: 5pcs/pack

0.14 ohm (60-80W)
0.20 ohm (70-85W)
0.30 ohm (55-65W)
0.15 ohm (85-100W)


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