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Forbidden Exotic 100ml

Forbidden Exotic 100ml

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Coconut Pineapple Ice - A sharp pineapple on inhale is balanced out by a smooth coconut and cool ice for a layered vape, ideal for those who enjoy exotic flavours.

Pineapple Peach Mango - It features tropical notes of juicy pineapple and soft and sweet peaches fused with fresh mango to create an incredible tantalising vape experience.

Strawberry Lychee Ice - A delicious pairing of freshly picked and ripe strawberries blended with exotic, sweet and luscious lychee fruit with a cool ice kick on the exhale.

Strawberry Peach Apple - A perfect mix between strawberry followed by rich ripe peaches to please your sweet tooth and finished off with fresh apple undertones.

Watermelon Honeydew
- A melon sensation as sweet honeydew melons blend with succulent watermelons to keep your taste buds refreshed all through the summertime.


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