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Drip Hacks Salt 10ML

Drip Hacks Salt 10ML

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Alkaline Rise: A fruity blend of kiwi, lime, woodland fruits and strawberry with a touch of refreshing Koolada WS-23.

Acid Drop: A luscious fruit blend of kiwi, grapefruit, woodland fruits and melons with a refreshing touch of koolada.

Blue Slush: Blue Slush Nic salts, a ripe blue raspberry candy slush, Sweet, just like the real thing.

Cryo Mango: Our perfectly sweet and natural Mango with a powerful Koolada hit, is a must-have!

Pink Boy: A flavour of the month that you chose to stay. A classic refreshing blend of ripe raspberries and crisp lemonade.

The one who knows: This is a perfect blend of delectable fruits with a hint of aniseed.

Brain Twister: A delicious twister ice lolly with a cold exhale. Beautifully blended strawberry and pineapple ice cream, just like the real thing!

Cherry Winter: A blend of Cherry and fruit and menthol

Butterboy: Butterscotch custard, vanilla and meringue flavour vape juice.

Forbidden Fruits: A delicious, mixed forest fruits flavour.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: A summer favourite combining some of the most popular Flavours known! Refreshing Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

Cherries & Berries: A Delicious blend of Cherries & Berries!

Blackcurrant Juicy: Juicy blackcurrant and aniseed blend.

Cryo Grape: An ice-cold, ripe and sweet grape drink flavour vape juice

Green Apple Splatters: An expertly crafted double Apple sours with Lime & Sherbet.


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