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Donut King Cakes 100ml

Donut King Cakes 100ml

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Banana Bread

A fine selection of sweet bananas mashed together with some cake batter. The result is a banana flavoured dessert e-liquid. A real stunner in the collection if you love bananas! Each inhale and exhale will have you wanting more once again!


A British must have which is coloured in pink and flavoured with lemon. Not forgetting the light sponge which is covered in marzipan. A hint of apricot jam is also present in this e-liquid for you to enjoy. It’s another one to add to your basket.

Devon Fudge Cake

Double the fudge and double the taste! Overall, a luxurious flavour spilling with lots of hot fudge sauce. Who doesn’t love fudge cake (well there maybe one or two)? A rich fudge cake dessert balanced against fudge sauce- voila!

Manchester Tart

No disrespect to those in Manchester! A cheeky name we initially thought but then realised it was the actual Manchester Tart pastry as opposed to something else. A flavour compromising of short crust pastry filled with raspberry jam and silky custard. To top it off there is even a cherry on top!

Raspberry Scones

Freshly baked scones spread thick with raspberry jam. An indulgent flavour to say the least but one that will bring you hours of pleasure. The taste is pretty close and the vape is a dessert fans treat for sure.

Victoria Sponge Cake

A super classic that has be tried in order for it to be respected! A stunning flavour combination of a light Victoria sponge base with elements of butter, butter cream and strawberry jam. Grab a slice of this in your vape tank and you will be wanting more.

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