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Donut King 100ml

Donut King 100ml

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Strawberry Cream

The Strawberry Cream flavour e-liquid by Donut King is sensational. You can expect to taste a freshly baked doughnut with a delightful strawberry and cream filling. The sweetness of the strawberry and cream really comes through on Strawberry Cream, and you will experience a touch of sourness throughout. Absolute perfection overall!

Vanilla Custard

Donut King’s Vanilla Custard flavour is nothing short of excellent. With a name like Vanilla Custard, you know exactly what you’re getting – a beautifully glazed donut filled to the grim with vanilla custard. Rich, creamy and buttery vanilla custard on the inhale combined with the sugary doughnut on the exhale. Yum!

Delightful Lemon

Delightful Lemon is markedly delightful indeed! Expect to taste a freshly baked doughnut with a creamy zingy lemon filling with Donut King’s Delightful Lemon. Sour lemon curd tastes will tantalise those taste buds mixed in with the signature doughnut notes.

Banana Custard

Bowmans describe this as a freshly glazed doughnut smothered in sugar with a deep banana fill. Can you really resist this one? We think not, regardless if you fancy banana or not this one is awesome! Please note this bottle has now been changed to the green design.


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