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Aspire Nautilus Coils 5 Pack 1.8 OHM

Aspire Nautilus Coils 5 Pack 1.8 OHM

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Aspire Nautilus Coils (5pcs)

Aspire Nautilus Coils are designed to be used with a wide variety of Aspire vape tanks and kits from the Nautilus range. These include the Aspire Nautilus tank, the Nautilus Mini tank, the Nautilus 2 tank, the Nautilus 2S tank, the Nautilus GT tank (0.7 Mesh and 1.6), the Nautilus GT Mini Tank, the Nautilus Prime Kit, the Nautilus Prime X and the Nautilus AIO kit.

The durability of these replacement coils ensures a high-quality, long-lasting vape every time. They are available in resistances ranging from sub-ohm to plus-ohm, meaning that as part of this range, you can select coils that are suited to both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping. As a result, they are suitable for a wide range of types of devices.

Durable and long-lasting, these Aspire coils are made with the highest quality stainless steel wire and organic cotton. They make perfect replacements for the coils that you are currently using with your Aspire hardware! The coils are capable of offering a high quality vape experience with every inhale you take from your e-cigarette. Their Bottom Vertical Coil configuration (BVC) includes cotton that is 100% organic, increasing both flavour and vapour production with every vape.

These features make up part of the innovative design that has gone into the Aspire Nautilus coils, which in turn, leads to a vaping experience that is more powerful, flavoursome and full-bodied.

These coils are available in 0.4ohm, 0.7ohm, 0.7 Mesh, 1.6ohm, 1.8ohm and 1.6 Mesh resistances. As so many bases are covered, all types of vape users can enjoy these coils, regardless of experience level.

Aspire Nautilus Coils Parameters

0.3 ohm Coils (Nautilus Mesh Coil)

Aspire Nautilus 0.3ohm Mesh coils UK – compatible with all Nautilus using hardware except the AIO. The latest coils from Aspire are delivering outstanding performance levels for Hybrid Direct Lung Vaping. The coils have a wattage range of 23-28watts and hit hard with wonderful flavour and cloud production.

0.4 ohm Coils (2S Coil)

The 0.4 ohm coils are best run at a wattage of 23-28 W, and they are capable of delivering an intense flavour profile and extensive vapour production. They are best used in direct-to-lung (DTL) devices using e-liquid that is 70% VG or lower. Considering their resistance, they are most often used for sub-ohming.

0.7 ohm Coils

Much like the Aspire Nautilus 0.4 ohm option, the 0.7 ohm coils by Aspire are perfect for sub-ohm vaping. They boast the power of being able to produce dense clouds of vapour and provide a flavoursome vape on every inhale. They are best used with Higher VG e-liquids through a direct-to-lung device when run at a wattage of 18-23.

0.7 ohm Mesh Coils (2S Mesh Coil)

Like their non-mesh 0.7 ohm counterparts, the 0.7 ohm Mesh coils are perfect for sub-ohm, direct-to-lung vaping. Similarly, they are to be used with high-VG e-liquids. They are best used between 20-25 watts. As mesh coils contain a larger surface area than regular coils, they are capable of heating up a lot quicker and in turn, producing higher levels of flavour and vapour.

1.0 ohm Coils (Nautilus Mesh Coil)

The new Aspire Nautilus coils 1.0ohm Mesh, are designed for Mouth To Lung vaping. Recommended for vaping at 13-15 watts for an MTL experience.

1.6 ohm Coils (BVC)

Being plus-ohm, the 1.6 ohm coils are best used with mouth-to-lung devices at a wattage of 7-11. They promise a more satisfying throat hit that those the BVC coils with lower resistances. Owing to the types of devices you will use them in, these coils are best used with e-liquids with around 60% VG content.

1.8 ohm Coils (BVC)

The 1.8 ohm Aspire coils work best when used with e-liquid of a similar VG content to that of the 1.6 Aspire coils – 60%. We have found that it is best to run these coils between 10 to 14watts. They guarantee you a more mellow vape, but a satisfying throat hit can certainly be achieved.

1.8 ohm AIO Nic Salt Coils

The 1.8 ohm AIO nic salt Aspire coils work best with nicotine salts, or e-liquids with a VG content of 60%, so you are sure to receive the throat hit you are looking for. These coils, along with the 1.6 options, will be most similar to smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. They are best used with mouth-to-lung kits such as pod systems and pen kits at a wattage of 10-12.

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