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Aspire BVC Coils 5 Pack 1.8 OHM

Aspire BVC Coils 5 Pack 1.8 OHM

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Aspire BVC Replacement Coils – 5pcs

The Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Coils are the new and improved replacement coils. These replacement coils provide a clearer taste as they feature a new wick design. The pack of 5 BVC coils are available in 1.6 ohm, 1.8ohm and 2.1 ohm to suit your vaping style.

With a much longer life and the production of large, pleasing vapour clouds they provide an extremely satisfying sensation. This is the next step in vaping with your Aspire vape clearomizer, these coils are easily switchable and have a scratch and check panel on the box to confirm they are authentic Aspire BVC coils.

These BVC coils have been designed for MTL use and are ideal for those who are new to vaping. Bottom Vertical Coil technology allows for a larger amount of air to travel up from the bottom of the clearomizer, creating a more enjoyable vaping experience. Another benefit of BVC coils is that they allow for uniform wick saturation which leads to a more even evaporation of e-liquid giving better flavour, BVC coils also have a more consistent performance as there is less chance of splitting.

Each vape coil is the heart of your vaping device; it is responsible for heating up your e-liquid. The resistance of your coil is determined by the number of wire wraps, the type of wire and the gauge. Higher resistance coils produce a cool vapour which can be easier to vape, whereas the lower resistance coils produce much warmer vapour and much thicker clouds. As the Aspire BVC coils are available in different resistances this knowledge may be of use when choosing your replacement coils.

Aspire have created a set of high-quality coils made to guarantee their customers the optimal customisable experience. Keep your vaping journey fresh and enjoyable with these replacement coils. Here at Only The Vape we are committed to providing you a trusted place to purchase reliable vape equipment.


The Aspire BVC Replacement Coil heads are only compatible with the following BVC or BDC clearomizer tanks:

Aspire ET, Aspire ET-S, Aspire ET-S Glass BVC & BDC tanks

Aspire K1, Aspire K1 Plus, Aspire K2 & Aspire K-Lite tanks

Aspire CE5 & Aspire CE5-S BVC & BDC tanks

Aspire Spryte

Aspire Mini Vivi Nova-S BVC & BDC tanks

Aspire Vivi Nova-S BVC & BDC tanks

Aspire Vivi Nova

Aspire Maxi BVC & BDC tanks

AnyVape Davide

AnyVape Mini Davide

Vision X-Jet

Mini X-Jet

eGo X-Jet

Please note:

These BVC replacement coils DO NOT fit the Aspire Nautilus or Aspire Nautilus Mini

Comes With:

1 x 5pcs Aspire BVC Coils

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